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Consulting, retainers, VIP Day

We recognize that not every business owner is in the same place in their outsourcing journey so because of that, we offer 3 different ways you can work with us. 

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How to Outsource VIP Day

Your business is flourishing and your revenue is consistent but you know you are going to be capped on how much you can earn soon and you need to hire a team member. Maybe, you already have before and it didn't work out because you weren't set up to have them succeed. This day is perfect for setting up systems, assistance with the hiring process, and creating a seamless onboarding. 

This is a high-touch done-for-you service customized to your business that will get you your results in just one day. I know you don't have the time for trial and error, Googling your way through outsourcing or frankly you just don't have the desire.

retainer operations support

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Need all hands on deck support? Our team of experts are here to support you in your daily operations so you can get back to the revenue-generating activities in your business. Our retainer operations support packages come in three different levels: support, strategy and full-service. 

The investment starts at $1500 per month.


See below for the type of support included in each level.

90-minute outsourcing breakthrough session

✔️ You are a new business owner and you know you need to set up systems in your business for future hires but you have no idea where to start⠀

✔️ You have clients rolling in from referrals because you are serving them so well but now you need to outsource sooner rather than later and need to create an onboarding plan⠀

✔️ You are established in your business and have recurring revenue but realize that you missed setting up some foundational operational pieces in your business⠀

✔️ You know you are meant to have a team and reach more clients but you are stuck at the outsourcing stage because you don't know what you don't know⠀

✔️ You aren't quite ready to invest in a done for you full VIP day but you want some expert guidance on how to implement the strategy yourself⠀⠀
If any of those rang a bell, what if you could:
🔥 Have a clear plan on what systems to set up and when⠀⠀
🔥 Have an organization chart built so that when it came to hiring you already knew who you will hire next before you even need them⠀⠀
🔥 Have a whole organized video library and backend home base set up so your team can be successful and you can stop being the bottleneck (hello vacation)!⠀⠀
🔥 Have a plan of what you are going to outsource, how you are going to work with your team, and onboard them with ease⠀⠀
This 90-minute Outsourcing Breakthrough Session is designed to create an actionable plan for you to implement immediately in your business.⠀⠀
Here is how it works:⠀

✨ Sign up for a slot available at the button below⠀⠀
✨ Fill out the intake forms with as much detail as possible so we can utilize all 90-minutes for strategy⠀⠀
✨ Sit back and relax, I will review the forms and strategy plan specifically for your business⠀⠀
✨ Have your outsourcing breakthrough session via Zoom with me⠀⠀
✨ Take the plan we formulate specifically for your business and turn it into action immediately!⠀⠀
You get this session, an actionable plan, & access to me for 90-minutes for only $247. That is a fraction of our VIP day.


• 90-minute breakthrough session with an outsourcing expert to work through a specific outsourcing struggle in your business. This is one of the only opportunities to work 1:1 with Meridith

• Email support for two weeks following our session
• You will get a Zoom recording of the session to reference anytime you need it in the future.

• Access to our Facebook community - How do I outsource to a virtual assistant?

• This session is completely customized to whatever outsourcing support you need right now in your business 

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Does this sound like you?

How it works.


Praise Hands

"I feel like I have my life back."

"I was overwhelmed with running the day to day tasks of my business, being able to coach my clients and still pursue creative projects." 

"Meridith and her team learned the ins and outs of my business very quickly and took over tasks that I just didn't have time for."

Holly Toronto

 "It is such a weight off my shoulders knowing I have systems that will grow with me and my business."

"I am so grateful to have had Meridith & her team on my side as I started my business. They saved me so much time and headache by setting up tried and true systems that made sense for my business goals. 10/10 would recommend working with her & her team!"

Jillian glasgow

"I have a good starting place to continue systematizing, delegating, and outsourcing when my business is ready."

"McCarty Virtual Services is a game changer for leveling up in your biz! I know I can trust them to get things done when I need help or support and I also trust their professionalism with client management and taking care of things so I don't have to #doallthethings on my own!"

Kayla Fujimoto Epperson

 "I was in over my head in my business and doing everything alone."

"Meridith and her team care about making your life easier! They're professionals and highly responsive to your needs. Meridith got me organized and her team took so much off my plate, allowing my business to grow."

Francesca hogi

"Meridith and her team have helped me transform my business."

"Meridith and her team have helped me transform my business. As the owner and CEO, I have been struggling to get support on my never ending to do list so that I can focus on the strategic direction of my business."

"Meridith and her team are responsive, professional, and efficient. Thank you for allowing me to focus on the business tasks that I love while you have taken over the other admin tasks. I love having a consistent team to help to help me grow my business."

Danielle Hayden

"She and her team are truly incredible."

"Meridith and her team so smoothly picked up what I sent their way, and brought it to fruition thoughtfully. They became such an integral part of my day-to-day, it eased my worries and helped me focus on what really made an impact on my business."

"They adapted to me and my needs so quickly, it was such a relief to be able to trust so thoroughly. Meridith and her team are truly incredible."

Sally zimney