An online course for virtual assistants who want to specialize in the coaching industry

The Virtual Breakthrough

Are you a virtual assistant who wants to make money while specializing in the coaching industry?

The Virtual Breakthrough is for virtual assistants who want to niche down in the coaching industry and build the business of their dreams.

What if in the next four weeks you could launch, operate, and advance your business?

Well, my friend, you can!  It’s time to take the leap.

The coaching industry is filled with people who need the skills that you have. People who want to hire you to help take the stress off their shoulders so they can focus on what they’re good at -- coaching.

The Virtual Breakthrough course is different. We’re here to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about the coaching industry including finding clients, niching down, CRMs, putting systems in place and so much more.

Time for freedom

You’re feeling lost with starting this whole online biz thing.

You’ve been kicking around the idea of being a VA, maybe you’ve had a couple of small clients and you’re so ready to scale.

You love the idea of working with coaches but have no idea how to do so.

Or maybe you already work with coaches but you want to get systems in place, gain more clients, learn how to keep your current clients happy and so much more.

Does this sound like you?

Getting all your questions answered by someone who has been there...

• What things do I have to get set up before becoming a VA?
• Am I charging enough?
• Am I providing the correct services?
• What systems are the best?
• Am I utilizing my time effectively?
• What are ways to make more money?

Just imagine...

Growing your business while working smarter, not harder...

• Create systems so you can know exactly what your tasks are for the day, week, and month.
• Develop structure so that your business can run without you. 
• Establish processes so you can outsource projects to future team members.
• Learn ways to market your business for new clients and growth.

Having a clear roadmap for your businesses' future...

• Know your ideal client and then find them!
• Start saying no to the projects that don't light you up. 
• Come up with a scalable business model. 
• Get actionable steps to creating the business model that fits your lifestyle.

Creating a career that fits your lifestyle, instead of the other way around.

• Be home with your kids.
• Make extra income with a side hustle.
• Be your own boss.
• Make your own schedule.
• Work from anywhere you want to. 
• Take a vacation.

The list goes on and on!

what if you could have success on

If we haven’t met, my name is Meridith McCarty. I grew up in Des Moines, IA (Go State!) and my husband and I move around the country for his career every few years. It was not until my third move in five years to sunny Newport, RI, that I thought to myself, “there has to be a different way.” I wanted to be able to travel home to visit my family when I wanted, I wanted to be able to work remotely so I could stop having to leave a career every time we moved, and I wanted to be able to make money, real money, while staying home with our future children.

Within 8 months, my business went from me grinding out 60 hour weeks, to having a team of 5 under me and 20 recurring coaching clients. Believe me, I have been where you are. Whether that is just starting out, trying to juggle current clients while bringing in new revenue, or looking to scale even bigger. 

your terms?

Getting clarity on the business they want to create

Creating businesses that are sustainable

Moving from overwhelmed and burned out to organized and focus

my VA clients are:

I want that!

Module 1

What exactly is a VA?

What do I need to start a VA business?

Designing your website

Legal information you need to know

Tax information you need to know interview with Danielle Hayden

Picking a name and brand

How to price services

Tools & systems to start with 

Niching down in the coaching industry

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome


What's  Included:

Module 2

How and where to get clients

Productivity and why it is important interview with Alyssa Coleman

Boundaries/time off


Collecting testimonials

Letting go of a client or saying no

Onboarding/ offboarding clients with ease

CRM vs PM interview with Kate Waldo Jones

Referral programs

SOPs in your business


Module 3

Subcontracting/building a team

Creating lead magnets

Social media advancement interview with Madison Tinder

Systems to upgrade to

Building a sales page

Launch outline examples

All about podcasts interview with Stephanie Judice


I've heard enough I am all in!

But wait, there is more!

alyssa coleman
Productivity strategist

Expert Trainings

Danielle Hayden
Co-owner of Kickstart accounting, Inc.

Stephanie Judice
Podcast manager

The expert trainings alone are worth over $1,800!

Madison Tinder
Marketing coach

Amanda boleyn
founder and host of She Did It Her Way

Module 4: Bonuses

Outsourcing guide to give to clients

How to make a professional email signature

How I use Teamwork PM training 

Guide on how to set-up Teamwork PM

And for my Asana lovers, how to keep you and your clients organized in Asana training with Amanda Boleyn

These modules are JAM PACKED with high-value information to help you start and scale that dream business you’ve always wanted.

24 video lessons, 6 guest expert interviews and 15 handouts included.

I've heard enough I am all in!

Kate Jones
Founder at Kate Waldo + Co

— Katelyn Fox

"Going into my first coaching session with Meridith I was still in the very early stages of building my business. I was not sure where to even begin or how to build in a way that would bring success. Thanks to her assistance, I walked away from our conversation with a clear vision of what I needed to do to get started."


— Holly Toronto

"Just one month into working with her and I feel like I have my life back. Meridith learned the ins and outs of my business very quickly and took over tasks that I just didn't have time for. I highly recommend hiring her!

— Billy Kirsch

"Hiring McCarty Virtual Services was the best business move we’ve made in the past year. Their level of skill in all areas has exceeded our expectations; from contracts to spreadsheets, travel management and more.

— Karen Grant

"I love pushing the button of EASE and working with Meridith was total EASE! I'm a lifetime client now!"

— Danielle Hayden

"Meridith and her team have helped me transform my business. As the owner and CEO I have been struggling to get support on my never ending to do list so that I can focus on the strategic directions of my business.

Meridith and her team are responsive, professional, and efficient. Thank you for allowing me to focus on the business tasks I love while you have taken over the other admin tasks. I love having a consistent team to help me grow my business.

By the end of this course, you will be an expert in...

After you finish The Virtual Breakthrough, you will have the knowledge and confidence to implement what you’ve learned throughout this course and build your own successful VA business. 

Onboarding clients

Setting boundaries

Social media advancement 

Implementing systems that work for you

Finding the right clients 

Setting prices that feel good

Time blocking for maximum productivity

Subcontracting and building a team

And so much more!

Let's do this.

I want to start now!

You are ready to make BIG changes in your life or business. 

You're ready to create a business that fits your lifestyle.

You are wanting to become a booked out VA working with clients you ACTUALLY like.

You have the ability to choose when to start. And that time is now.


Who You Are...

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 Although the guest expert trainings are worth over $1,800 in value, I want this course to be accessible to anyone and everyone. Because of this, I am offering this course at the low rate of only $197.00!

This pricing will NEVER be this low again! Since this is a BETA round, I will only be taking a small number of participants. By the look of the waitlist, this will sell out!