The Ready to Rise VIP Day is for coaches who want to quickly set systems in place while time is luxury and before sh*t hits the fan 

Your Coaching Business Isn’t Built in a Day, But Your Systems Can Be

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When You Think of Your Day-to-Day, Does it Feel Like Flying By The Seat of Your Pants?

• A lot of sticky notes followed by the looming anxiety of “did I do that yet?” 
• A messy Google Drive you try to keep up with, but always ends up messier every time you open it
• Getting into the weeds of doing #allthethings but still somehow feeling you’ve accomplished nothing by the end of the day
• Tracking to-dos and valuable information for your business in multiple places — one of them being inside your head. 


When you’re in the beginning stages of business, having a scrappy mentality can be a good thing —it shows you're willing to do the hard work. But as you start to think about scaling and bringing on team members (so you can — at last! — get out of the hot seat), you’ll need to take a different approach. 

How Does Finally Sitting in the CEO Seat Sound?

Wouldn’t It Be Amazing If You Could...

• Ditch the sticky notes for systems and structure so coming to your desk feels fun again?

• Onboard new team members without breaking a sweat because you’ve got a dialed-in process in place?

• Get into a flow that works for you and your team to streamline and work like a well-oiled machine — hello, time and sanity saved!

"I can now finally focus on client care and growing my business. Not to mention I only work 4 days a week and enjoy three day weekends."

- Dr. Julie Granger

“After going through this process and creating clear systems, my annual revenue jumped from $114K to $500K”


Introducing: The Ready to Rise VIP Day

Salvage your systems (plus your sanity) and set your team up for success in less than a day — even if you’re not tech-savvy and your only team member is — well — you.

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This is for you if...

You’ve got the recurring revenue down but you’re capped out, need to hire a team member, and build an airtight system to support them.

You want to confidently delegate and skip the painful trial and error period of teaching someone how to do different tasks (because no one has time for that).

You’ve been in business for a few years and have a desire to take on a leadership role and enjoy yourself a little more — what a concept. 

You are just starting out in business but want to make sure your systems are solid before you get booked out

Let's do this.


Having Someone Peek At Your Business Backend Can Feel Like Showing Your Underwear Drawer — Personal and Really Awkward 

Obviously, I’ve never been in your underwear drawer (that would be really really awkward), but I have been in your shoes. I know your business is your baby. That’s why every strategy and implementation comes from a place of compassion: because I want you to succeed! By the time our day is over, you’ll feel like your business got a much-needed overhaul so you can take on bigger and better things.

Heck yes, it's the final reveal! I'll do an overview going over everything built out and walk you through your project management system. Plus, I'll finalize next steps and tools to help you ease into streamlining the way you and your team work moving forward. 

I will go over your intake forms you submit prior to our day which helps me know what's on your radar with hires or projects so I can build out a system completely tailored to your business.

hand off

Now I break away and get some serious work done. Your Teamwork project management is getting set up all snazzy while you get a glimpse of what it feels like to focus on your CEO tasks for the day. Or hey, maybe even take an afternoon off - totally up to you!



Here’s How it Works:

Templates & Resources: Recorded SOPs so you understand the ins and outs of your project management system + my mini-course "How to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant".

Outsourcing Support: I’ll help you figure out what to outsource first so your business makes more money (fast), followed by a 60-minute implementation call at the end of the day and two weeks of support afterward.

System Set-Up: You’ll have a fully functioning project management system (Teamwork) with vital workflows for you and your teams such as daily operations, business goals, marketing, or sales.

So What Do You Actually Walk Away With?  

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The investment for a VIP day is $2497 and we offer custom payment plans!

It’s Time to Cut Through The Clutter, Simplify, and Scale

Experience the feeling of a streamlined structure, building foundations for a team, and working less while making more.

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- Jackie Roelofs

"Meridith helped simplify the chaos in my brain to help me see that I could indeed be organized, with the help of the right systems (and actually using those systems)." 

- Jillian glasgow

"I am so grateful to have had Meridith & her team on my side as I started my business. They saved me so much time and headache by setting up tried and true systems that made sense for my business goals. 10/10 would recommend working with her & her team!"

— Jeanette Burney

"Meridith met me and my business where I am, gathered information about where I was struggling, what my visions were and helped me set up systems and solutions to move forward towards those goals. I also left our meeting with a clearer vision of when and where to ask for help in the future."

- Kelsea Cannon

"Meridith helped me feel at ease with online systems that will help me run my business smoothly, including outsourcing/delegating when needed. I feel confident that now I can stay true to my mission of life/work happiness because I won't be trying to do it all myself and get lost in a million sticky notes and weekly do-to lists."