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Effective Over Busy

Have you ever asked someone how they are and they reply “busy?” Maybe this is even your reply sometimes? It is easy to become overwhelmed with your ’to-do’ list if it is just floating around in your brain. Some of us even put a few completed tasks on our list just to feel the thrill of crossing it off.

While chasing those check-offs may make you feel productive, are you being effective with your time?

How to become more effective and productive in your business

Is everything you’re doing truly necessary, or can it be streamlined? For example, can your podcast be turned into a blog and a week’s worth of social media? What about that Facebook Live you did, could that become a story on Instagram, you could even take still frames from the video and use those images for social media or blog posts!

Are you taking advantage of the resources that surround you? Automation is one of the best tools a business owner can have! Instead of spending your time emailing back and forth with a potential client, look into a scheduling platform.

Do a time audit and look at where your time is going. Are the tasks you are doing tasks that can only be done by you or can they be delegated to someone else? This can be a tricky one as a business owner, it’s normal to feel that no one can do a task as well as we can. Friend, you are amazing, but I guarantee you, with the right hire, a loom video, and a couple of check-ins you can train someone to do almost anything as well as you can! 

The old saying ‘time is money’ is true, but time is so much more than money! It’s memories with your friends and family, it’s doing things that make you feel alive, it’s having the freedom to not feel the pressure of an approaching decline. If this is something you need in your business, apply for a VIP day and let me help you build the foundation for an effective business.

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