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‘Why’ Your Business Needs a Toddler


I probably hear this question from my daughter 4,893,277,236 times a day.

While it can be exhausting to narrate my thought process to a toddler, every once in a while, I learn something too.

Just this weekend, while we were putting away laundry, she asked me why I was putting her socks together in pairs. “So they match,” I said. As soon as I said it, it dawned on me, and thanks to her recent growth spurt, she has new socks that are all white and exactly the same. I was wasting my time on a completely unnecessary task.

Thanks to this new realization, her socks now go directly into her drawer, and this task has become simple enough that SHE can do it all on her own. Nothing like delegating housework to a toddler to remind me how important it is to examine how I am spending my time not just at home but in my business. 

Where to start.

Spy on yourself. Observe what daily tasks you are doing in your business. Then ask yourself why: Why am I doing this? Why does this have to be done now? Why can’t this task be automated? Why couldn’t someone else do this? Why is this task essential to my business’s growth?

Then make a quick voice memo, jot a note or make a fast google doc of your findings. At the end of the week, examine your notes. Are you being a good steward of your time? Or are you spending your time on things that could be outsourced? Is the majority of your time being used to grow your business?

Just like my daughter, your business could be growing quickly! Reviewing how you are spending your time quarterly may have worked in the past, but if you are in a season of major growth, you need to do this more often to ensure you have plenty of room and time for growth!

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Comment below and tell me one task you could hand off to someone else!

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