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The Homestretch

The homestretch.

The final chapter. 

The last hoorah.

Down to the wire.

Friends, we are in the fourth quarter of 2021! 

Let that sink in a minute. Q4 can bring up a lot of feelings: maybe you crushed it and overshot your expectations or, perhaps you struggled to reach your goals you put in place.

No worries, friend. You are exactly where you are meant to be. I am curious though, will you be doing any Black Friday sales, Holiday specials, or launches? If so, do you have the workforce to make it a success? Be sure to consider if your team is prepared to help you behind the scenes of making it a success. If you have any doubt, consider creating a loom video or easy-to-reference doc that they can refer to.

Take a moment and review your ‘ber’ months (October, November, and December) from years prior (keep in mind that the pandemic may have thrown off your number last year). If these months were considerably busier, be sure to review your systems to ensure your business, and you can operate optimally. This could mean bringing on a VA, increasing your current VA’s hours, or growing your team, even if it’s just for the season.

Don’t forget to review your personal calendar too! We don’t want to put that on the back burner during the holiday season.

Creating the right systems, routines, and team will ensure that you can be fully present for what matters most to you. If you’re a business owner that has trouble setting boundaries (I have totally been there too!), then let’s schedule a VIP day to get your business ready for its best fourth quarter yet!

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