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Busy vs Productive

Return emails

Work out

Create content for the week

Fold laundry

Create proposal 

Reach out to warm leads

Brush teeth 

Eat breakfast 

Anyone else write easy, already completed tasks on their to-do list? That way you have the sense of accomplishment that only crossing off tasks can bring.

If this is you, you are not alone!

Many of us get caught up in chasing the bottom of the list full of mundane tasks because that is the norm in our society. We were taught this back in elementary school and for many it’s a habit and we have spent years chasing the high that only crossing through on tasks on paper can give us.

What is the ‘to do’ list really encouraging?

What is your process when you create your list for the day? I have found that most entrepreneur’s ‘to do’ lists are really just a giant brain dump. Brain dumps are an effective strategy tool but don’t let it dictate your day. Solely concentrating on the tasks is why you are still feeling unaccomplished even after you get that mile-long to do list done. 

How to make an effective to do list

Start by analyzing your brain dump. Are these tasks that are making no difference to your business? Are these tasks serving your deeper why? If not then it’s time to get rid of them. Then reflect on what you love to do and most importantly, which tasks will grow your business?

As a business owner we need to focus on making money for our business – everything else can wait. 

Once you have decided the priorities for the week, put those into your Teamwork system with due dates and assign a person to do the task.

This is why having someone to support you in your business is so essential. 

Who are you hiring next to support you?

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