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Come Sit With Me

Are you looking for a project management system? Or maybe you are wasting too much time in your email marketing system because you haven’t gotten the hang of it yet, even though you have been using it since January.  Or, maybe you keep getting stood up for zoom meetings because your scheduling system is lacking or nonexistent. 

You could block out a day or two and slip down the internet rabbit hole and use your precious waking hours researching and comparing ALL the options, or I’ll slide you my answer sheet like we are best friends in homeroom.

Tools and Systems

Over the last couple of years, I have learned that a business is only as strong as the tools and systems behind it! I want you to have a strong business! There is more than enough room at the online business table, and I WANT you to pull up a chair and sit next to me! Below you will find some systems I use in my business every day.

My team and I use Teamwork PM for housing tasks, time logs for clients and subcontractors, project management, and more! The Teamwork PM phone app is helpful so that I can communicate with clients and team members while I’m traveling and do not have access to my laptop. Teamwork saves me so much time and provides me with the tools to have a productive work week. 

When it comes to creating and sending emails, you have to check out Flodesk. I Started using Flodesk for newsletters when it was still in the beta stage, and I have been impressed with it from the beginning. It is super user-friendly, and the creators keep making improvements! 

Calendly is an automated scheduling software available for clients and potential clients to make appointments with you during times only you have set as “available.” You can set your Calendly with specific boundaries that comply with YOUR workday and working hours. Not to mention saves you the back and forth emails of, “Well, when are you available?”

Using these tools allows me and my team to stay productive, efficient, and organized. Running a successful business includes researching and identifying which systems you need in place to achieve long-term success! 

Give them a try and see what you think for yourself. Then drop a comment below and tell me all about it! 

Full disclosure: some of the links listed above are affiliate links. If you are looking for more tips on creating systems for your business, join me in my Facebook group.

If you are needing systems set up in your business but don’t have the time (or care!) to set them up yourself, then our VIP day is perfect for you. We only do four per month, and it is one of the most high-touch services we offer. View more information here!

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