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Do You!

I have a confession to make... reading isn’t my favorite, and by that I mean I’d rather do almost any household chore before setting down to read a book. I am that person that always sets the goal on January 1 of reading a new book a month and looks back and didn’t even start any. 


I know, I know books have so much information and benefits to offer. But so do podcasts, Twitter posts, and heck I’ve even gotten business inspiration from episodes of Survivor ( I’ve also learned how to start a fire in a variety of weather conditions).  Why am I telling you this? Because it’s important to know yourself. 


What works for me


Think of how much time (and money) I could have spent and wasted trying to make myself sit down and read the latest business or self-development book. Instead, I have invested my time and money in doing what works best for me. This looks like masterminds, coaching calls, and courses. 


I have learned through the course of my business that the most successful entrepreneurs are those who truly know themselves and know what they need to perform their best!  


Execute it


Knowing yourself is only half of it. You have to make sure to incorporate what you need into your daily life. To perform your best do you need to stay off of social media so you don’t get a case of the ‘shoulds’? Maybe you need a 15-minute reset between client calls or maybe you need a Monday strategy meeting with someone who will hold you accountable?


Throw out what isn’t life-giving

Say you’ve done the reflecting and have found your sweet spot; the tasks and aspects of your business you love the most and freaking rock at! 


But what about those other parts, the parts you don’t love as much but still have to be done? 


Well here’s the thing that’s so awesome, those parts of your business you dread doing to the point of procrastination, those parts are someone else’s sweet spot. So cool, right?



Being able to focus on what you enjoy doing and even better yet, what makes you money, is the key to growing a sustainable business with outsourcing. Also, having the systems set up to do that before you even need to hire is essential to the success of your future team.


What is your favorite part of your business? What are you hoping to outsource this quarter?


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