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Streamline the Stress

Have you ever woke up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night because you think you might have forgotten to finish a project, or even worse, forgot it all together? Or have you ever finished your day and felt like a failure because you didn’t get your whole to-do list knocked out?

Stop the cycle 

First, do a quick brain dump. Write down all the stuff floating around in your brain whether it is work-related or not. Chances are, once you see your list, you will feel a lot less stress. That’s because visually seeing your to-do list helps your brain process your actual workload and it's easier to form a plan. 

You can even keep a notebook next to your bed for those late-night wake-ups 🙂

What to do instead

Once you have the tasks you need to get done outlined, put them into your project management system with a due date. Even if they don’t have to-do dates officially, we want to be able to track the project. 

After they are in your project management system, we want to add them as time blocks onto our calendar. Try to combine like items with each other so your brain isn’t switching from content creation, sales, etc. 

Now the goal is (and the hardest part) is to just focus on those tasks and those tasks only at that blocked off time. 

What works for me 

I take my to-do list from Teamwork and add them to my calendar every Sunday night so I know exactly what my week will look like. And, my favorite part is that if something is on my to-do that can be outsourced, I assign it to someone else. I typically record a loom video and send it off!

Teamwork makes all communication, organization, and collaboration much easier. We even add our retainer clients to this tool to help streamline things and cut down on back and forth emails.

Even if you are a solopreneur, for now, using a project management system will help keep you more organized and help you get in the habit of creating systems so when you’re ready to hire or take a vacation, you will already have tools in place to make delegating tasks easier.

I want to know, what project management system do you use? Do you love it or are you still looking at options? 


Rooting for you!



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Are you interested in Teamwork and want a guide on how to set it up? Grab that freebie below!



***The Teamwork link above is an affiliate link and I do make a little commission from it. All opinions are my own and I only share systems and products I love and use


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