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How to Avoid a Bad Hire In Your Business

Think back to 16-year old you, well-rested and youthful; you probably had a job to take care of your responsibilities and buy those overpriced shoes your parents refused to spend money on.  

If you were like me, you had co-workers you LOVED being scheduled with. They were fun but also did their job well, made tedious tasks enjoyable, and were quick to lend a hand if you needed help. Then there was THAT co-worker, the one that would sneak off to the bathroom to text on their phone, the one that always seemed to leave you with the worst tasks wouldn’t do their share of the work, and the one that left you wondering why your boss ever hired them.

Now, as a business owner looking to grow your company, we definitely want to avoid hiring THAT co-worker. Easier said than done? Nope! Let’s talk about some of my favorite tips: 

How to avoid a bad hire

Trust your gut

You didn’t get where you are in your business by accident. You have good instincts, trust them! If you don’t click with someone or see red flags, let those facts be enough to move on during the interview process.

Be clear

Communication is essential in every relationship in life. The relationship with subcontractors or employees is no different. When you create a job description, be very clear about what your expectations are. Even things you think should be common sense’ should be included in your job description. Mind reading technology is not a thing yet. 

Ask for references 

Once you narrow down, your top few candidates ask for references. Remember, just because someone doesn’t have experience in your field doesn’t mean they won’t make a great hire. Personal references work great here as well! Hiring based on personality and then training on your already made systems is a great way to hire. 

Hire based on your company values

So many business owners skip this step! Or maybe they are unsure what their company values even are to begin with… Take some time to reflect on what is important to you as a business owner and what you want your company to stand for. (PS it's normal for a company's values to change as they grow, so take time to re-evaluate every few years). Hiring based on your company values is a way to make sure you hire someone that is a good fit for your business long term.

While taking all these precautions might seem time-consuming, so is having to replace a bad hire! Take some time to brainstorm what you would like in an ideal hire (this is a similar process as creating your ideal client). While no one is perfect, creating your dream hire will help you sort through and find your ideal team member a lot easier! For more information on outsourcing like a pro head here!

What are some other fears holding you back from outsourcing besides the fear of hiring the wrong person?


Rooting for you,




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