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Creating the job description to find the VA that “sticks”.

Have you tried out the online dating scene?

I met my husband the old fashion way but I have heard, thanks to COVID, online dating has skyrocketed over the last year. I’ve seen articles, posts, and even podcasts about creating the perfect dating profile to attract your right match. Well, think about your job description as your company’s dating profile. It gives your potential suitors, I mean hires, the first impression of you and your business. 

You could have all the right systems in place, but if your job description does not match what you are looking for and need in a VA, you could end up attracting someone who is not the right fit, wasting time going through a TON of applicants, or even missing your dream VA who could help your business get to the next level!

What to include in your job description:

  1. Your company’s values

You want to make sure the person you hire is aligned with your company’s values. If you're not sure what your values are, take some time to figure that out. It is crucial (in general) to your business to know your values. We are looking for individuals who value the same things so you can grow together.

2. Internal operation systems

Include what tools they will be using in this job. Some popular examples are a project management system, invoicing software, or website platform. If you use Wix for your website, you don’t want to waste time interviewing an applicant to manage your website who hates working in Wix.

3. Working hours

Does the job you are hiring for require them to work at certain times? I have a ton of thoughts on this topic in general (maybe I will do a Facebook live) but for now, figure out when you’d like for someone to be available or if it doesn’t matter at all! 

4. Budget

Look at your business’s budget. What are you willing to invest in someone? Notice how I used the word investment? Because that is what outsourcing is! 

5. Personality 

You read that right! Personality is often overlooked but so important! What type of personality matches what the job requires? Do you need a fun and bubbly customer service rep? Or maybe you need a no-nonsense operations manager that will keep you on track?  Most of all, what type of personality can you (and your team) work with cohesively?

A detailed and accurate description can save you a lot of time and headache. I go more in-depth and give all my pro tips in my outsourcing mini-course.

Tell me below your experience with hiring!


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