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How to run your business like Beyoncé

What do you and Beyoncé have in common? You both have the same 24 hours in a day!


Like Queen B, entrepreneurs are always looking to grow, expand or diversify. All these things are beneficial not just from a business standpoint but from a personal one as well. 

The longer you work in your niche the more of an expert you will become, the more knowledge you gain the more your customers will be blown away, and the more your business will be recommended to others. This is exciting but can be overwhelming if you are trying to do it solo. 

If you have seen Beyoncé perform you know it takes a whole group of people to make her performance so amazing! If you want your business to be as monumental as a Coachella performance you will need your own team of background dancers and producers so you can concentrate on what you do best. 

But how do you find YOUR team?

There is a formula to finding the right people/person to help you grow your business

  • Start by figuring out what you want to outsource
  • Then set systems up BEFORE you hire 
  • Create a project management system you will use (or hire someone with one!)
  • Write a job description that will attract the right person
  • Set your new hire up for success with the right onboarding process

Don’t let the process of auditioning, teaching, and managing an assistant hinder you from running the world! I’m here to help!

What has been your experience with hiring?

Rooting for you,




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