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Handling the Holidays as a Business Owner

Tis the season!


Navigating the holiday season can be challenging as a business owner.


November and December, depending on your niche, can either be slow months or extremely

busy months as the year comes to a close. Your workflow also depends on how

your clients treat the holiday season.


Planning ahead 


As always YOU are in control of your schedule. If your holiday season is full of family

activities, travel, and traditions you hold near and dear, then make this time

of the year non-negotiable. 


You could always request clients to send work in advance or allow extra time for getting back to them during the holiday season.


Finally, if you don’t want to cut back on work, you could consider bringing on a

subcontractor for this season. You could do this similarly to how I planned for

maternity leave. 


If you aren’t sure how you want to approach this season, I encourage you to sit down

with your schedule and time block first for the holiday traditions you want to

be sure to make time for personally, then evaluate how you want to approach client



Season’s greetings


If you have ever worked in a traditional workplace setting then you have probably

experienced the exchanging of gifts, or holiday bonuses during this time of



First of all, you are under no obligation to provide anything to your clients or

Subcontractors and if you are not making revenue in your business yet, then definitely work on getting revenue first!


However, the end of the year and the holiday season is a great time to show your

appreciation and gratitude if you do have the revenue and are wanting to gift.


What to gift


If you do decide to show your appreciation with a gift, remember it does not have to be

extravagant! A simple card is a great way to say thank you and wish your

clients and/or subcontractors a happy holiday season.


Decide to send gifts? That’s great! But don’t waste time over-thinking the ‘perfect

gift’. Pinterest has some great ideas on what to give to clients and those you hire.


How do you handle the holiday season as a business owner? Tell me below!


Rooting for you,



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