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Social Media; is it Something Your Business Needs?

My 1:1 clients often ask me if they are showing up on social media correctly.


Now, if you have worked with me or taken my course The Virtual Breakthrough, you know that social media is NOT where I suggest you spend time getting clients when you are getting started. Many people want to spend time sifting through the #jobopps they see and I have to explain that because of competition, algorithms, and the fact that it’s just a cold lead, it doesn’t often work out. 


I should say, I have absolutely gotten clients from social media posts BUT I have gotten a lot more clients from other ways so the ROI is just not the same. 


What I say about social media is that it’s a great way to show up for an audience and to prove legitimacy. But, the important thing is that I think you should be really good on one channel. Don’t spread yourself thin by showing up everywhere (definitely in the beginning) so this is what I recommend. 


Plan Your Content


“What should I say?” says every business owner when they go to upload a post.


What should be a 5-minute task can quickly turn into 10 times that because of lack of planning! You have heard me talk about time blocking before and social media planning is no different. Take some time to create a content calendar, and then plan out your post and photos you want to use.




Wondering what to say? Don’t overthink it!


Be sure to not only be selling your services but include special days you want to recognize, any launches, and simple tips and tricks. Your social media, like your blog, is the perfect place to establish know, like, trust with your audience. Add value and share some things about yourself! In my course, I talked with @madison.tinder about posting when things move you throughout the day. 




If you really don't want to have to think about social media often, look into a scheduling platform. Buffer and Later is what we use most often at MVS but Facebook also offers a scheduling option that will schedule not only for Facebook but Instagram as well if your accounts are linked.




Engaging after you post to a platform is the best way to grow your audience. But don’t let this become a time suck! 


Remember you are engaging under your business account that means this is a business task (read as no shopping or watching funny animal videos). Start by setting your timer for 5 mins, interact with the people who liked your most recent post; like their recent photos and comment, with a sentence not just an emoji. Reset your timer and click on one of your hashtags and comment and like some of the recent posts under that hashtag.


As you are interacting be observant, do the accounts you are engaging with look real? Meaning, they have followers and more than 1 post, are they active on their account, and most importantly are they either your ideal client or someone in a similar niche?  


Clients and social media

Find and follow your clients on different platforms. Share their stories and posts that are relevant to your audience. This is great not only for them but you as well as it puts you in front of their audience. 


Ok, your turn, how do you utilize social media in your business?


Rooting for you,




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