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Healthy Boundaries with Your Phone

Does it ever amaze you how far phone technology has come? I was pretty excited about my red razor that would play songs as the ring tone!


But now, we literally have a computer in our pockets. 


While having the ability to access the internet at any time is amazing and a lifesaver at times, always being connected can be exhausting.


Have boundaries


What is most draining to you? Is it social media, emails, or maybe even phone calls? Do some reflecting on what would work best for you. Maybe, you simply need to turn off all notifications and have planned times during the day when you check your phone during the week, and maybe not at all on the weekend! Perhaps you put your phone on “do not disturb” at a designated time or you even go as far as to delete certain apps off your phone; like social media and email. 


Rules your parents might have had that you should still use


Don’t sleep with your phone next to you. According to effectiviology.com if your phone is within reach then you are more likely to use your sleep time browsing. This not only cuts down on the hours of sleep you get but also affects your sleep quality. Plus if you use your phone as your alarm clock guess what’s in your hand first thing in the morning?! No one needs to check emails before breakfast, no one. So, leave your phone at a designated charging station at night and preferably across the room.


No phones at the table. Anyone have a mom that used to say that?? Even if you’re using it to catch up with friends or watch a show you enjoy. Put your phone down, enjoy your food, the people you are eating with, and pay attention to your full and hunger cues. 


While driving, just no, you know why. 


How do you practice healthy boundaries with your phone?


Rooting for you,




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