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How to Brand as a VA

What exactly is branding?


Branding is a word you hear a lot in the virtual space.


Think of branding as your vibe, your storefront if you will.


Creating a brand helps make you recognizable to your clients and potential clients alike. Branding also helps keep all your different platforms cohesive. 


So how do you develop your own brand?


Your brand is the first impression your future clients get of you and your business.


I mentioned the importance of creating your brand when we discussed website creation.


Colors, fonts, images are all a part of your brand.


If you are a visual person, I recommend creating a branding board to help you create and keep track of your branding choices. I got this tip from the Virtual Savvy and it was extremely helpful to get ideas down on paper. This can also help keep you on course as you build your website, create newsletters, and cultivate your social media feeds.

MVS Branding

If you need help selecting colors visit coolors.com. If you already have a color you love but need help choosing accents colors this site will be helpful! You can save your color scheme within coolors but I also recommend creating a Canva account and using their branding kit to not only enter your branding colors but your fonts as well. 


How about a logo?


Canva is also the perfect place to create your logo! 


You can use their templates to help you make and customize your business’s logo or you can head over to Pinterest for some inspiration and recreate it within Canva. Canva even allows you to download your logo with a translucent background making it easy to upload to websites or portfolios. 


Done over perfect


Have you ever heard the phrase, “Perfection is the enemy of progress.” Don’t let this become a time-suck, friends. There are literally hundreds of thousands of options but that doesn’t mean you have to look at them all. Time-block some time and complete this task! 




If you are having trouble getting started think of your ideal client. What colors would they gravitate towards? What fonts? What solutions are they looking for that you could use photos to represent?


Still feel stuck? This is something that could be tackled during a 1:1 coaching session or even outsourced if you’re like me and want to leave it to the professionals. I totally recommend Acorn House LLC for all design needs. 


What is the biggest struggle you have faced creating your brand?


Rooting for you,




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