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How I Hired My First VA

If you are like many entrepreneurs, you are likely used to using google and Youtube for your go-to help in your business.


I’ve been there! 


In the beginning 


I created McCarty Virtual Services, LLC in November 2018, and it grew, quicker than I ever imagined! While I was so grateful to be working at home as a VA and making a great income, I was overwhelmed. I was easily putting in over 60-hour weeks!


I didn’t want to cancel any of my client contracts or turn away referrals because I had found my niche and loved it. But something had to change, I was quickly on the way to burnout.


The solution 


So what did I do? I hired a VA! Yup a VA hired a VA. I, like many entrepreneurs, was nervous about sharing my newborn baby business with a stranger I met on the internet. But after some much needed self-reflection and I realized that I would be the biggest hypocrite on planet earth telling my clients that THEY needed to outsource to grow - and not offering myself the same opportunity. And guess what? It was one of the best decisions I ever made! Within 8 months, I grew my company to have over 20 recurring monthly coaching clients and 5 team members! 


But how did I get there?


First I started by making sure I had a system for every task I was doing for clients. It’s hard to hand over tasks if you don’t have a system for completing them. 


Next, I found a project management system. Email, voxer and slack are great for communicating but in order to build a team, you need a simple place to put tasks and stay organized.


I then created a list of all the tasks I was doing for clients that I didn’t love and created a job description. I even created an ideal VA avatar as I did with my ideal client so I had an idea of what my perfect VA would look like. 


Finally, I started looking. I created posts on high-quality Facebook groups and asked other people in the biz for referrals. 



It took time to look through aaalll the responses I received (there were literally 100s) but I narrowed it down to 3 ideal candidates and scheduled phone interviews with them. After talking to my potential VAs I took a few days and reflected on who would be the best fit for what I needed. I created a contract and offered the job to my preferred candidate on a 30-day trial basis. 


While hiring was not an easy task, the results have well been worth it!


What about you, have you ever hired someone before? What made you nervous, excited or all of the above?

Rooting for you,



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