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Blogging Post Ideas for Beginners

A quick Google or Pinterest search will give you a list of reasons why your business should start a blog; gaining visibility, SEO, and establishing yourself as an expert are just a few reasons.


So when you advance your website, (remember you don't need it to start!) a blog page is a great asset. 


What is a business owner to write about? 


Start with what you know! You can create a how-to tutorial or a guide. This is a great opportunity to incorporate or create a freebie. For example in my blog post ‘How to Prioritize Tasks as a VA’ I made sure to link to my freebie ‘My Top 10 Virtual Assistant Programs’.


You could also tell a personal story such as why you began working in the industry you chose, a struggle you face early on in your business, and how you overcame it or how you are currently balancing work and family. You don’t have to get too personal but telling some personal stories helps your audience feel like they know you, therefore, helping you create a know, like, trust connection with them.


If you are like me, you have tried a BUNCH of different systems. Why not take the knowledge you have gathered and create a post focusing on systems you love and why they work well for your business?


This could be a series that compares and contrasts different programs or just a general breakdown of the systems you use daily in your business. Wait! Before you press publish check to see if the systems you use and will be referring to in your post have an affiliate link program and sign up. Then, if people use your link to sign up after your recommendation, you can get free money! But ONLY recommend things you actually use and love. Again, the know, like, and TRUST aspect is important here.


There are tons of ideas you can go with so I suggest getting organized and using your project management system to create a “project” titled blog and jot down any ideas you may have.


Proceed with caution 


Like anything else on the internet, what you publish on your blog can be found by anyone; family members, clients, students, and even competitors. Make sure your blog, like your social media, is portraying you and your business like the successful professional boss you are.


Does your business webpage have a blog? If so, what type of topics do you write about?


Rooting for you,




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