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You Want To Be a What??

You’ve done your research, watched the webinars, and read ALL the blog posts. You’re ready to take the plunge after spending time reflecting on what services and niche market you want to pursue. But, when you mention the term virtual assistant to your significant other, family, or friends they look at you with confusion and concern.


what is a virtual assistant?


Though technology is changing rapidly and more and more people are beginning to work remotely, the concept of being a virtual assistant is still foreign to many people. 


Having a solid definition of what a virtual assistant is, is a good place to start! In short, a virtual assistant is a motor that keeps a business operating smoothly! Tasks can include a variety of different things; bookkeeping, email management, and scheduling to more advanced skills like project management, social media strategy, and podcast management all from the comfort of your home office.


Make a Business Plan


However, if you are trying to convince others that a career as a VA is a smart business move, spend some time writing out a business plan. ( PS- This is helpful to do whether you are trying to make a case for a career change or not.)


Business plan example:

  • Give an overview of your business; 
    • What services you will provide, 
    • Packages you will offer (prices) 
    • The type of clients you plan on working with


  • How are you solving a problem (or “need”) for your market? 
    • What you are offering your clients (example; more time to work on their business not just in it, taking over tasks they don’t enjoy)


  • How will you make this a business
    • Where will you find clients
    • What are your work hours? 
    • How much do you want to make?


  • Investment
    • What tools do you need to make your business work? (computer, upgraded internet)
    • Will you be investing in a course?
    • 1:1 Coaching


Knowing your business plan will not only serve as your roadmap as you begin your VA career but it will also help you be more confident when you get asked the question “What do you do?” Or “What’s a VA again?”


Do you!


Remember, no matter if you choose to begin virtual assisting as a side hustle or dive headfirst into the VA world, this is not only your career but your life. Your choices may not make sense to those around you and that’s ok! 


What responses did you get from friends and family when you told them you were becoming a VA? Leave me a comment below!


Rooting for you,



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