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Looking for Clients?

You have put in the hours and learned how to become a VA, completed a course, made your website and you're ready to start working as a virtual assistant!


But where do you find clients?


Who is your ideal client?


Before you begin make sure you have a clear idea of who your ideal client is. Not just what their niche is but who are they? What do they like? Take a few minutes to create your ideal client avatar. 


This is an important step because once you “niche” down your prospective clients do the work to find YOU. And, a little secret, there are many ways to niche down (not just industry) that I go over in my virtual assistant course, The Virtual Breakthrough.



Where to find clients when you are a new VA?


First of all, start by telling your family and friends you are starting your own business! While it might seem awkward it doesn't have to be! They or someone they know could be looking for someone just like you!


Special offers for new clients


Though you already have your packages and prices outlined on your website, you can always offer specials for new clients.


It's important to make sure that these offers still make sense for you financially and have a clear outline of what they include. This step is important because we DO NOT want you working for $5 an hour and working 60 hour months, an example would be that you could offer 10% off their first month and put an end date on the contract so that after you show them how great you work, you can resign them for a higher rate! It’s a great way to bring someone on if you just want some experience as well.


Referral Programs


Oh you know I LOVE a good referral program ya’ll. This was instrumental in helping me build my client base and why? Because people like to make money with little work! Make it super simple such as just making an introduction and they will receive a small incentive for doing so. Trust me, they will! Don’t limit it to only current clients either, it’s anyone and everybody that sends people your way.  And, people are more likely to work with you if they already have someone telling them you are great.


Networking/Building relationships


I know you are rolling your eyes and saying, “Of course networking Meridith, duh!” but hear me out. I don’t mean just with potential clients. Ya, that is a great thing to do but I also mean networking with people to have a warm connection for those referrals. Is there someone that might offer something similar to you but not exact? Reach out to them! Set up a Zoom coffee and see if there is a place to partner or refer clients for each other. Build that network of people you can turn too and don’t forget to let them know about your referral program 😉


Cold pitches 


Remember your ideal client avatar you outlined? This is a great time to do some research to find potential clients that fit that avatar. I have had great success with cold emailing because I do my research and I make my email to the point.


List out what you enjoy about their business and how you could maybe help with bullet points so that when they skim through emails of people they don’t know (✋) they see those points. 


1:1 coaching


I have clients and prospective clients ask us all the time for recommendations. 


All of my 1:1 coaching participants are automatically added to my list of who I recommend when companies inquire with us. This is a great way to schedule strategy sessions with prospects!


If you are a new VA what questions do you have about finding clients? If you are a veteran in the biz how did you find your first client?


Rooting for you,




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