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Do I Need a Website?

“Do I need a website?” I hear this question a lot from clients and new VAs alike. While a website is definitely not necessary, you can get by with a Facebook business page and a well put together portfolio. However, a website is a domain you own unlike a social media page, it's also not under the mercy of the algorithm. A website also helps you appear more professional and increases your chances of landing your dream client! But it doesn't have to be a headache or expensive, here are the things I think you need to have to get started:


Where to start?


Before you begin creating your website, have a clear vision of what you want your brand to be. Think colors, fonts, stock images you love that you feel represent your business. Also, choose a hosting site that you are familiar with and like using; WordPress, Wix, Squarespace.  I started on Wix and it was very easy, user-friendly, and inexpensive. This is also a great time to think about your mission statement as a company, what does your business want to accomplish for its clients? 


Done over perfect


Don’t let this become a time suck. It can be easy to spend hours upon hours getting your website perfect. But friend, perfect doesn’t exist. Time-block some time and get this task knocked off your to-do list. As your business grows you can always hire someone to makeover your website into your vision or invest in a template (this is the route I took thanks Elizabeth Mccravy Designs)


So, what to include on your website?




A homepage is a simple way to have an outline of all your pages in one. Make sure you have that one on the very first page where clients can see it before they even have to scroll. I would advise you to keep it simple, clean, and easy to navigate your potential clients to where you want them to go. 


Services Page

Give a clear outline of the services you offer; any monthly packages or set up services. Make sure to incorporate what each service includes and a starting price point. I am a big believer in having your prices clear from the start, you don't want to waste your time, or a potential client's time if your services are outside their budget.


This page is also a great place to offer a ‘free strategy session.” This call should only last about 30-minutes and will help ensure you and the client are a good match for each other and they have a clear understanding of what their package includes. I always make it clear that this is a sales call, so I use the word strategy. Other popular titles are discovery calls, consultation, etc. 


About Page


Make sure you include something about yourself here! When potential clients feel like they know you, or share a common interest they go into your first meeting with some trust already established. Think about that saying   ‘know, like, trust’ your about page is the perfect place to do that. Include your picture and a few ‘fun facts’ about yourself. Ex: where you’re from, what your hobbies are, favorite type of food or tv show. This page is also a great place to share your why with your potential clients. 




Make sure to include your preferred way for potential clients to contact you! Make sure this is SUPER user friendly and include more than one option. I tell all my 1:1 clients to have a button or way to contact you on every page. 




If you are a new VA and don’t have a testimonial yet, ask for one from a friend! You don’t have to use a testimonial just from VA work. A testimonial on your work ethic, personality, etc. are just as good until you can get one from a VA client. Scatter the testimonials throughout all your pages or have them on a scroll on the services page. 


Some other items to add once you are established:




I know I know, writing a blog seems like a lot of extra work. But it doesn’t have to be. As you get farther into your VA journey you will begin to hear the same or similar questions over and over again. These topics are the perfect thing to write about! Creating a blog page also gives you content for social media and is the perfect way to utilize Pinterest!


Plus, Google likes websites that frequently get updated, and providing amazing content helps potential clients see you as the expert you are. Writing not your thing? Try creating short teaching videos, these videos can serve as double duty, you can upload them to IG TV, Facebook, or even Youtube!


Opt-in/lead magnet/freebies


Have you created a lead magnet or a landing page? Make sure to include your “freebies” on your website as well! Still, trying to think of a great lead magnet? Think about the pain points of your ideal customer, what do they need? For example, my freebies are “Top 10 VA tools” and “What should I outsource to a Virtual Assistant?”. Make sure to have an eye-catching title so that prospects will trade you their email for your guide/video/spreadsheet, whatever you are offering! 




Once you begin having affiliates, you can also have these as your resource recommendations and make a little money when people sign up through your link. 


Tell me, does your VA business have a website? What are some must-have items for you?


Rooting for you,



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