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Getting Motivated

We have all been there, especially in the recent pandemic circumstances.


You're cranky, unmotivated and it gets really easy to scroll through some form of social media for 30-minutes before you even realize it.


But as a business owner, you have work to do, contracts to fulfill, and projects that need to be completed.


So, where do you look for motivation?


As I am sure you have learned by now, being the business owner means no one is going to motivate you besides yourself. So, how does one motivate themselves?


Unfortunately, mindset and motivation is not a one size fits all type of thing. I could tell you exactly what I do to get motivated and you could follow that advice exactly and it could do the opposite for you.


Just like learning anything new, there will be some trial and error. 



Ways to get motivation


Try some of the things below and see what works the best for you! 


  1. Working out
  2. Take a shower (look good, feel good!)
  3. Eat a favorite food
  4. Turn on your favorite song or playlist
  5. Try moving your workspace to somewhere new
  6. Practice gratitude by listing out small things that bring you joy
  7. Look at your vision board and remember your why
  8. Listen to an inspiring podcast


If all else fails, try setting a timer for 25 minutes working as efficiently as possible and then taking a short break! You know I love the Productivity Planner for this. 


Also, make sure you are scheduling time for yourself, even during busy seasons, to avoid burnout. 


How do you motivate yourself?


Rooting for you,




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