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Tips For Working From Home

COVID made working from home essential for many people, even employees that work for large corporations.


While some of us, **raising my hand**, choose to work from home, others were forced into it and may have begun to feel like a prisoner over the last few months.


Whether you are a VA, like me, who has chosen to work from home or have been pushed into it by the pandemic, I wanted to share some of my tips for not only being productive while working from home but also enjoying it!


First, Decide What Time Your Workday is Going to Start!


Treat this time like your ‘clock in’ time. Set a routine just like you would as if you would be leaving the house to work. Have breakfast, get dressed (yes, out of those pajamas! Maybe just into some loungewear ;)), and try to be at your desk ready to start your day at the same time.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, time blocking is a great way to plan your day and complete your to-do list and schedule in time for other important things like lunch and mini-breaks! 


Your Environment 


Make sure you have a space that you enjoy working at.


Do you need to move your desk closer to a window? Maybe invest in a more comfortable desk chair?  Something as simple as earphones or a new piece of artwork (or vision board) to inspire you could make all the difference in a productive workday! 


Human Interaction


Even the most introverted people need someone to talk to every once and again. This is especially helpful if you are a verbal processor. 


If zoom meetings or coaching calls are not a part of your normal workday you could try a few different options. 


Try joining a mastermind group, enroll in coaching sessions, or simply ask for a daily check-in with someone on your team. If none of these are an option you can always try apps like Voxer or Marco Polo to connect to the outside world. 


If you are finding yourself needing to work through a problem, try even using the voice memo app on your phone. 


You may feel silly at first, but you might be surprised how helpful it is to talk through your problems, even if it is just to yourself. If you are still craving human interaction, try tuning into a podcast throughout your day. Even though the host can’t hear you talking to them, hearing someone’s thoughts, other than your own, might be just what you need!


End Your Workday


Just like it is important to have a start time to your day it is equally (maybe even more) important to have an end time to your day! 


It doesn’t matter if you are working for yourself or someone else, even the best jobs can lead to burnout if you are not careful. I recommend having set hours where you are NOT working and stick to them. Prioritizing tasks makes stepping away from work and having a work schedule attainable. It gets really easy to work all day long when you work/live/sleep all in the same environment.


What tips do you have for working at home? 


Rooting for you,



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