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How to Conduct a Sales Call

Whether it is your first sales call as a VA or 100th, the opportunity to work with someone in their business is always exciting!


If you are new to the VA world, you may be wondering how exactly remote interviews work. In my experience, sales calls are usually held over zoom or a traditional phone call, depending on YOUR preference. (I am a phone call type of gal myself!)


Just like a typical ‘in real life’ interview with a company, you will want to find out as much about their business as possible before the call. Don’t forget to check their social media accounts! Look for connections you have with the business or person themselves.


Make sure you spend some time preparing; what will you say about yourself, your work experience, your expertise? I suggest having a sales script in front of you until you get the hang of it. 


Sales calls via Zoom will look a little differently. You will want to look professional, not only your appearance but your location as well. Take a moment to turn on your computer camera, what shows up behind you, does the area need to be tidy, so your backdrop is distraction-free? Make sure you have the zoom link and the right software on your computer to ensure it runs smoothly. Double-check the time and the time zone the call is set for!


What about referrals from other clients? While referral calls come with a certain amount of comfort that cold calls don’t, it is still an interview where you should lead with your best foot forward. This is also a great time to implement a referral program and repay your referring client somehow! You know I am a big fan of this.


Is this your first ever VA potential client? That is amazing, don’t forget whatever happens the fact you landed an interview is a big step in the right direction! I believe that honesty is always the best policy. When asked by a potential client about your experience, explain that you are just beginning your VA journey, but you have experience in XYZ. Mention any online courses or classes that you have taken. Along with any job experience, you have that ties into the position you are applying for.


Remember, this is not just an interview for you, but it is an interview for them too! Ask questions to ensure this client is a good fit for you. What are their business goals and values? Do you need to adhere to a specific schedule, how quickly do they expect a reply from you, how do they prefer to communicate?


After the call, make sure you email the potential client and thank them for their time, recap anything you need to briefly, and remind them why you would be great at this job!


What tips do you have for nailing the sales call?


Rooting for you,



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