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What’s in a Welcome Packet?

Congratulations! You have landed a new client!

Now what?

You’ve heard me talk about healthy boundaries with clients, and now is the perfect time to establish them. 

I have had success using welcome packets to not only show my appreciation and gratitude for a new client’s business, but also to communicate my preferred way of communication style, billing system, and even my referral program

But what do you include? Keep reading.

My welcome packet consists of 8 main parts:

  • A short letter of appreciation that touches on the goals and values of my company.
  • Our working hours- our clients can expect a timely response Monday-Friday, 9 am- 5 pm ET. I also mention here that our office is closed on the weekends and holidays.
  • Referral program - I talk about how it benefits them along with us!
  • Confidentiality- precautions I am taking to ensure their information is protected.
  • My team- I include that I have team members to help me work timely and efficiently and also that they have signed a confidentiality agreement.
  • Payment- Here is more of a recap of when their invoice is due, late fees, overtime fees, etc.
  • Time tracking- I explain how my team and I track our hours and include that time spent communicating with them or on their behalf is also billable. 
  • Finally, I make sure to add my contact information. Additionally, I list all my social media accounts, email addresses, and website.

I use Dubsado to make all my onboarding seamless but in the beginning, I just used a Word document that I personalized for each new client. 

The most important thing is just getting the information to them, I don't care how you do it because imperfection action is better than no action at all.

What’s your experience with welcome packets, as an entrepreneur and as a client? Is there any information you would add?

Rooting for you,



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