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Schedule Time For Yourself

We have all had those days, days where you feel like you are a firefighter instead of a business owner. You just want to take a break, but the phrase ‘just one more thing’ keeps going through your head until midnight, when you finally crawl into bed exhausted. This can become a vicious cycle if you are not careful! Trust me that is no way to spend your entrepreneur life! 


So what’s an entrepreneur to do? You want to continue to scale, but you don’t want to become burned out.


Last year I began time blocking, and it has completely changed the way I run my business and my life! I schedule my day, so I have built-in breaks. Yes, friend, I am taking breaks even though my ‘to do’ list is not yet complete. I find that if I schedule a time for myself, I return to my laptop more focused and completing work tasks becomes easier.


So what does time for yourself look like? If you work from home, it’s tempting to use these blocks of time to complete household tasks, like folding laundry or putting up the dishes, but don’t! 


The trick is to spend that block of time doing something that resets you. This could be going for a walk, talking to a friend, drawing, reading, a nap, or even something as simple as washing your face! We are all different, and while a walk with my dogs energizes me and gets me motivated to finish the rest of my work for the day, it might do the opposite for you.


My challenge to you is to spend the next week really paying attention to what you enjoy, try to find a variety of things that are various lengths, and then start doing them on purpose throughout your day!


Rooting for you,



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