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Do I Need an Offboarding Packet?

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Not the most professional way to wish a client farewell. But what is the right way to make sure you end a client relationship on good terms?


For me, it has been sending each departing client a thank you email along with my ‘Client Goodbye Packet’. Last week we chatted about welcome packets, so this week, let’s dive into offboarding packets.


My goal with this document is to not only thank my client for their business but to provide enough value that this email will go into their ‘saved’ folder and that they will reference it often! 


The first thing I include is a ‘thank you’ letter.


This note from me expresses my gratitude for the client, their business, and encouraging them to reach back out if they ever need any help in the future. I also include all of my contact information so it is easy for them to access. 


Next, I include video tutorial links to any system we created for them (see below!).

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 11.47.04 PM

After providing them that additional value, I offer them the chance to give me feedback along with a testimonial via Google Forms. Clients are often much more willing to provide a testimonial if you make it as easy as possible for them.


Then, I provide a parting gift of a percentage off of their next package and I list out my services and prices for their convenience in the future. I want them to contact me when they have other needs!


Finally, I end with reminding them of my referral program and how it still benefits them even if they aren't a current client.

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 11.49.10 PM

Are you sending out offboarding packets?

If so, how do you wish a client farewell? Tell me your tips in the comments!

Rooting for you,



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