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It’s All About Who You Know…

Have you ever heard the saying it’s not what you know, it’s who you know?

Connections naturally form in a place of business; coworkers depend on you and you on them to complete tasks. These connections often lead to friendships and possibly more career opportunities.

So, how do you build connections without working in a ‘normal’ office setting? Start with social media! 

You are probably already posting daily for your business so spend an extra 15 minutes on Instagram and engage with others in your niche. Not only is it great for the algorithm, but it’s an opportunity to build online working relationships. Try finding others that have similar interests as you, that you could be ‘real-life' friends with.

Fangirl over their post and work to build genuine connections. This means actually commenting and responding to their post with your actual answers, not just a heart emoji. 

Another great option is Facebook groups. Once you find a Facebook group that works for you and your niche, chances are you will start seeing the same names pop up again and again! Get to know them, look at their website and services. Tag them in posts that are related to their services and invite them to other groups that you enjoy that could benefit them as well. I engage daily in my own Facebook group focuses on virtual assistants that work with the coaching industry. 

Lastly, check into joining a mastermind. There are a ton of mastermind groups out there! Find one that works for you and your budget—wondering how to do this? Start by looking to the people you admire; this can be someone BIG, like Rachel Hollis or Marie Forleo. Though their masterminds might be out of your price range, there is a good chance that they might have a follower with a similar style who offers a mastermind more budget-friendly. 

How have you built connections online?

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