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How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Hello there, friend!

So, you want to become a successful virtual assistant?!

Starting a business and becoming a virtual assistant can be an intimidating step to take.

There is so much involved and so many moving parts, that it’s almost easier not to begin… WRONG!

Do not worry friend because I’ve got you covered!

In today’s blog, you’ll read about the most valuable pieces necessary to becoming a VA.

You. Can. Do. This!

What is a VA?


Let’s begin by defining what exactly a virtual assistant is. You are the motor that keeps a business operating smoothly! Your tasks can be a variety of different things. From bookkeeping, email management, and scheduling to more technical items like project management, social media strategy, and podcast management all from the comfort of your home office.

In order to figure out what services you could offer, think about any previous job experience you’ve had. Whether it’s customer service, nursing, computer/IT experience, you have SOMETHING to offer and there are businesses that need your help.


What will your work hours look like?


Now that you have the freedom of working from the comfort of your own home office, what will these work hours look like for you? Will this be your full-time job? Your side-hustle? How many hours per week will you dedicate to your business now that it’s up and running?

These are all things to consider while planning out the structure of your business. Being firm about the hours and time commitment will help you stay grounded and avoid burnout.


Your Ideal Client or Industry


It’s time to think about what your ideal client or industry could be. A good way to figure this out is to start brainstorming the things you enjoy most.

What are your hobbies? Aspirations? Areas of interest? These are all things to consider when deciding who your ideal client/industry will be.

You don’t just want to work for anyone and everyone because trust me, you’ll end up disliking those clients later on. Try to really niche down on the things you enjoy and find clientele within that industry.

You can niche down by either industry, service or a program you use. Niching down is key to making the sales process easier by letting your ideal client find YOU instead of the other way around.


Develop Your Brand


Niching down on your ideal client will help to define your business brand. Why is developing a brand so important?

Your brand is the look and feel of your business. It’s how people recognize you and connect with your business. It will speak directly to your ideal client!

A standard brand will need a name, logo, color palette and fonts. Once you have those you can create a portfolio to send out to potential clients.

And while playing with fonts and colors are fun, we have to remember the most important part of branding, and that is you. People will work with you because they like YOU first and foremost.


Create a business portfolio


Speaking of portfolio! You are going to need a way to showcase your business, brand, and services. I recommend a portfolio for anyone that does not have a website up and running already. You can easily make one in Canva for free.

Your portfolio should include things like relevant skills, software knowledge, education or relevant experience, a brief bio or “about me” section, a professional-looking photo of yourself, contact information, examples of your work, testimonials (doesn't have to be from VA clients) and packages/pricing. These pieces of information are so helpful as they will give your business credibility and help you stand out.


Create an online presence


If you’ve always wanted to have your own website, here’s the perfect opportunity! Wix is a great website builder for beginners with drag and drop options to make for a smooth start-up. Your website can be a great hub for all of your business portfolio information but listed more in detail. I recommend the following pages on your site: About me, services and pricing (yes, show your pricing!) and a way to schedule a call with you on every page.

Social media platforms are also a great way to become known in the online world. They allow you to have a voice, get connected and cultivate a group of followers as you engage in conversation, answer questions and share valuable information. Try to get familiar with many social media channels, but it’s best to decide on just one to spend the most time.


Start networking!


Networking is your ticket to getting clients and this is where your ideal client brainstorming comes in handy! In order to find your ideal clients, it is important to remember who your ideal client is, what their pain points are, how you can solve it, and where you can connect with them.

Are they hanging out on social media? Will you find them amongst personal connections? Are they attending events and meetings? Or will you be cold pitching? Once you figure out which route you will take, make a list of ideal clients, build the relationship and keep track of what works and revise what doesn’t.

You should also utilize your friends and family as free marketing! Let them know about your business and ask them to spread the news. Creating a referral program is also a great way to have other people help in your marketing efforts. Try offering a “refer a friend” promo!


Client & Task Tracking


You have all of these clients and it’s getting difficult to keep track of hours worked, project deadlines, etc! Project management programs are so necessary for your business.

If you want your business to be successful and organized then this detail cannot be overlooked. Project management systems like Asana, Trello, and Teamwork are all user-friendly options to help you stay afloat as your business grows because it will!

Now I know that is a lot of information, and we just barely scratched the surface, but knowing these main points lay the foundation to your VA business.

They are the essentials of what you need to be successful. You have so much to offer and the online world of business is waiting for you to define your brand and begin offering your talents and resources!

In my next blog, I will give you an in-depth look at what systems and programs will be your best friend as a VA!

Stay tuned,


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